Prima Donna Bras

Girls understand how hard it can be to locate a bigger cup size bra that offers support and comfort, yet still delivers style to save. La Senza has stepped up to the challenge with an exciting collection of G Cup bras that provide all that and then some.

Prepare to dazzle that special someone with the Prima Donna Bra. Hot and interesting join hands in this dip bra that is fantastic. Springtime is spoken of by vibrant colours, but you will look wonderful in every season with this model. Available in sizes up to a G cup, this bra offers considerably more than just size.

It begins with comfy padding. The Lullaby Lace goes swiftly on to show it got the name with flowery lace overlaying the cups. Satin double shoulder straps provide comfortable support, and fashion that is leading. An enchanting flower detail completes this image of loveliness.

Lucy Lace may seem like a girl detective from the '50s, but you'll discover the Prima Donna Bra model is perfect for any decade. Total amounts were in style then, and they are in style. Get all the fashion you could wish for in this magnificent G cup bra.

Blue flowery lace edges the chest and overlays the cups. Shoulder straps add style as they supply support. Rather blue satin bows on the straps and at the centre front add some mystery.

Does dogtooth seem like something you need next to your body? It should. The Prima Donna Bra model is supremely comfy That enchanting name comes from the interesting motif that covers this delightful balconette. GRAMS cup gals understand that a dog is a girl's best friend.

You will have all the hounds licking at your hand to double lace layers that are black at the neckline. When they see the double straps do their obligation they will be panting. You will make them courtesy of the pink satin bows, howl, duplicated at the centre front.

For that same wonderful fashion in a different colour that is dazzlingly, try the Prima Donna Bra model. Plug it in to your wardrobe and watch the room light up. Your favourite electrician may shock, thanks to double lace at the bustline.

Fix their wiring with a closer look at the delightful double straps. Then have them wonder how the lovely black satin bow got included in the patterns. Simply tell them the house that La Senza constructed is designed with all the safety factors.

Was the Prima Donna Bra named for the renowned jazz vocalist? Who understands. You will make someone want to break out in song when you seem in this stunning balconette. Subtle harmonies are at play here. Complex black lace inserts along bustline and the seams create a complex air.

When you are searching for perfect support and relaxation that is perfect do not believe you have to give design. Let Prima donna bras fit every disposition and your every curve.

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